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Colombian Coffee Triangle

A week trip to Colombia Coffee Triangle with a visit to¬†Manizales capital of the Department of Caldas, the Cocora Valley and the colonial towns of Salento and Marsella. During this visit, we spent the week at the “Hacienda Venecia”, a productive coffee farm that is part of the Cultural and Landscape Heritage Site, declared by Unesco in 2009 where the whole coffee process has been followed.

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Road Trip US: Along the Interstate I-95

Last part of the US road trip, leaving Las Vegas driving North along the Interstate 95, passing by the Area 51 where you certainly find more brothels than aliens, the Death Valley followed by the Yosemite National Park on the way back to San Francisco.

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Road Trip US: Canyons !

After the coastal road, back to the inner part of California with a visit to the Grand Canyon National Park. Following the Colorado river, and the road 66, next stop is Page in Arizona to visit Canyon X a slot canyon near the famous Horseshoe Bend.


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